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Susan Warren, Director

601.847.8000 ext. 325

601.847.8001 fax


111 Education Lane

Mendenhall, MS 39114



The goal of Simpson County School District Child Nutrition Program is to provide a nutritious and palatable meal for students. Research has shown that healthier students learn better and score higher on national exams. The Child Nutrition program participates in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs which are administered by the United States Department of Agriculture and implemented within the Mississippi State Department of Education.


Applications for Free or Reduced Meals may be obtained at the Child Nutrition Office in the district office complex.

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Misty Hanna, Associate Superintendent

601.847.8000 ext. 311

601.847.8001 fax


111 Education Lane

Mendenhall, MS  39114



The Simpson County School District provides supplemental services through the Office of Federal Programs. This office is responsible for the administration of Title programs, as well as homeless services and other federal initiatives.


Title I programs include teacher positions to reduce classroom size, professional development for teachers, and supplemental services and supports for students. Title II also funds teacher positions to reduce classroom size, as well as professional development for teachers and administrators.


The McKinney-Vento Act provides services and supports to students who are identified as homeless or as an unaccompanied youth based on the federal guidelines. Counselors serve as homeless liaison staff for each school. The Director of Federal Programs serves as the district’s homeless liaison.


The goals of these programs include student proficiency in core academic subjects, as well as parental involvement. Please contact the Office of Federal Programs if you have any questions.


Elton Travis, Network Administrator

601.847.8000 ext. 330

601.847.8001 fax


Kenneth McDonald, Technology Specialist

601.847.8000 ext. 331

601.847.8001 fax


Corey Carter, Technology Specialist


111 Education Lane

Mendenhall, MS  39114


Debbie Davis, Deputy Superintendent

601.847.8000 ext. 308

601.847.8001 fax


111 Education Lane

Mendenhall, MS  39114



The Simpson County School District works to ensure that the written, taught, and tested curriculum are aligned perfectly for seamless educational experience for our students.


The Mississippi Department of Education state frameworks are used as the basis for classroom instruction, and the Common Core State Standards are being phased in as advised by the Mississippi Department of Education. Instruction is monitored through use of EZ Lesson Planner software, which tracks when and how often objectives are taught.


Students in grades K-10 are assessed several times each year with Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), an adaptive assessment that provides teachers with specific strengths and weaknesses of individual students. This assessment also provides longitudinal data to measure each student’s academic growth.


Pacing guides have been implemented for language arts, reading, math, and science courses in grades K-12, and are being developed for other courses offered in the district.  Classworks instructional software is being used in K-12 language arts and math; this software is aligned to state frameworks, and activities are prescribed for students based on state test results.


The district has implemented the Fred Jones approach to instructional and classroom management.  Additionally, the district is currently using the RTI (Response to Intervention) approach to academic and behavioral concerns.  Any questions regarding these two areas should be directed to Dr. Tom Duncan in the Office of the Deputy Superintendent.


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Duane Fewell, Director of Finance

601.847.8000 ext. 316

601.847.8003 fax


Joanna Maddox, District Accountant

601.847.8000 ext. 317

601.847.8003 fax


111 Education Lane

Mendenhall, MS  39114

Jeanie Pigg, Associate Superintendent

601.847.8000 ext. 322

601.847.8001 fax


111 Education Lane

Mendenhall, MS  39114



The Simpson County School District provides special education and related services to those students who qualify under regulations as set forth by the Individuals with Disabilities Improvement Education Act of 2004 (IDEA 04) and the Mississippi Department of Education. Each child must meet criteria as set forth in the referral to placement process implemented in the district’s sites.


The Simpson County School District also provides support services to those students who qualify under regulations as set forth by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1972 and the Mississippi Department of Education.


Each child must meet criteria for these services. All students must have participated in intervention activities as required by procedures. These interventions will be implemented through the Student Assistance Team (SAT) process at the district school sites. For additional information on this process, contact the Office of Support Services.

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Welcome to the Simpson County School District Department of Human Resources.



The Department of Human Resources maximizes the potential of Simpson County School District students by recruiting quality individuals to work for the SCSD and by providing accurate, timely and courteous services to all SCSD employees.



Our goal is to maximize the potential of Simpson County School District students and serve the needs of SCSD employees. We:

Engage in focused recruitment and effective communications with external partners.

Facilitate and support execution of all employee life cycle transactions, from induction to separation.

Serve as a strategic partner in developing human capital by proactively managing performance and professional development.


Current Initiatives

We continue to seek ways to provide for employees efficiently. HR units have undertaken the following:

Recruitment and Workforce Planning to provide high-quality human capital through talent management strategies.

Professional Development that each school has highly-qualified teachers and principals by preparing individuals identified for a leadership pathway, implementing the principal eligibility process, and impacting the principal selection process.

Employee service delivers impeccable customer assistance that supports all SCSD employees by meeting their individual HR needs.



HR Newsletter

Certified and Classified Evaluation Process



There are many resources available to SCSD employees and potential employees through Human Resources:

SCSD HR Newsletter

Teacher Training Center

Guidance to teachers seeking National Board Certification

Professional Development Seminars

Retirement Informational Sessions

Simpson County Board of Education

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Board Comments Request


Board Policy Manual

The Simpson County School Board Members are:

 Doris Perkins, Board President

Dale Shotts, Board Vice President

Linda Curlee, Board Member

Sammy Welch, Board Member

Stacey Herrin, Board Member


Regular scheduled meetings of the Simpson County Board of Education are held on the second Thursday of each month. Special meetings are held as needed. All board meetings are open to the public with the exception of executive sessions. Student, personnel, legal, and land acquisition matters are discussed in executive session.


The Simpson County School Board encourages the public to express to the school board its viewpoints on issues vital to the operation of the school district. In order to conduct board business in an orderly manner and to allow public input into board meetings, the Board has implemented a “Public Comments” item on its agenda for regular board meetings. Public comments are limited to three (3) minutes per individual or group.


If you have an issue to discuss with the board, please contact Fran Bridges by email (, or by telephone at 601.847.8000 ext. 314.  A request form can be picked up at the Central Office or can be downloaded from our website under the forms and links section at the left of this page.