Human Resources

M. Elizabeth Christian
Director of Human Resources

The Department of Human Resources maximizes the potential of Simpson County School District students by recruiting quality individuals to work for the SCSD and by providing accurate, timely and courteous services to all SCSD employees.
Our goal is to maximize the potential of Simpson County School District students and serve the needs of SCSD employees. We:
Engage in focused recruitment and effective communications with external partners.
Facilitate and support execution of all employee life cycle transactions, from induction to separation.
Serve as a strategic partner in developing human capital by proactively managing performance and professional development.
Current Initiatives
We continue to seek ways to provide for employees efficiently. HR units have undertaken the following:
Recruitment and Workforce Planning to provide high-quality human capital through talent management strategies.
Professional Development that each school has highly-qualified teachers and principals by preparing individuals identified for a leadership pathway, implementing the principal eligibility process, and impacting the principal selection process.
Employee service delivers impeccable customer assistance that supports all SCSD employees by meeting their individual HR needs.
HR Newsletter
Certified and Classified Evaluation Process
There are many resources available to SCSD employees and potential employees through Human Resources:
SCSD HR Newsletter
Teacher Training Center
Guidance to teachers seeking National Board Certification
Professional Development Seminars
Retirement Informational Sessions