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No excuses, no limits to

- higher achievement for all students

- academic success for all students

- college and career readiness for all students


Mission Statement:

To create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through development-appropriate instruction that allows for individual differences and learning styles.

Each student's self-esteem is fostered by positive relationships with students and staff.

We strive to have our parents, teachers, and community actively involved in our students' learning.


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Bus Riders

The privilege of bus transportation is conditional upon the students behavior.

  •  Students must obey all regulations governing the riding of school buses.
  • The bus driver is to be obeyed concerning conduct on the bus.
  • Failure to obey regulations will result in a denial of bus privileges.
  • The bus driver is empowered to enforce the regulations by reporting all violations to the principal.
  • Students are required to be at designated bus stops at specified times.
  • Students should stand at least 10 feet away from the edge of the road and wait until the bus is completely stopped before moving toward the bus.


Car Riders

School begins at 8:00 each day, and you may begin dropping off your children at 7:20 when staff members are on duty outside.  Dismissal will be at 2:55 each day.


8th Street in front of the school a one-way street during arrival and dismissal.  There will be 3 lanes of drop-off and pick-up on 8th Street.  You will only be allowed to turn onto 8th Street from the far-right turn lane of 5th Street.  There will be school employees directing traffic from the turn lane into the 3 drop-off/pick-up lanes.  Please follow their directions during arrival and dismissal.


In order to help alleviate the traffic issues in the neighborhood, we will dismiss in two “zones” this year.  Zone 1 will be grades 2 and 3 and will be dismissed at 2:55.  Zone 2 will be grades 1 and 4 and will be dismissed at 3:05.  Please line up at your appropriate dismissal time. Your child’s teacher will have the “Zone” signs for you once you let them know your child is a car rider.


Since 5th Street and 8th Street are through streets to the neighborhood, the City of Magee has asked that no “Zone 1” cars line up in front of Magee Elementary until 2:40 each day.  Remember that only the right lane will be able to turn from 5th Street to 8th Street.  The other lane is a through lane on 5th Street and will not be allowed to turn right onto 8th Street.


On rainy days, there will be one drop-off and pick-up lane on 8th Street rather than three lanes.  We want our students to remain safe on days that we have inclement weather.


Magee Elementary School,

410 8th NE St. Magee, MS 39111

T.(601) 849-3601 F.(601) 849-6207

Principal: Dr. Donna Boone



President .................. Stacy Chapin


Vice-President .......... Ashley Steele


Secretary .................. Hope May


Treasurer .................. Pam Parish