About Portrait of a Graduate

Recognized as the Simpson County School District's "North Star," the Portrait of a Graduate is a collective vision that articulates our community's aspirations for all of our students for life after school. The Board of Education approved the Portrait of a Graduate Plan on February 9, 2023.

The Portrait of a Graduate frames a new vision for our school system and guides the steps we take to prepare our students to be college-, career- and life-ready in this 21st century. Simply put, the Portrait of a Graduate adapts the traditional model of education to evolve in an ever-changing world.

Together, students, faculty, community members, and business partners settled upon a shared vision of the qualities each and every graduate of Simpson County School District should have to succeed in college, career and life.

Those competencies include: Effective Communicator; Critical Thinker & Problem Solver; Motivated & Adaptive Lifelong Learner; Socially Intelligent & Team Player; and Community Contributor.

Effective Communicator Logo

  • Confident and passionate

  • Speaks, listens and writes effectively

  • Conducts self professionally in person and virtually

Critical Thinker Logo

  • Indentifies challenges and breaks down problems

  • Reasons and asks questions

  • Researches reliable and relevant information

Motivated and Adaptive Lifelong Learner

  • Self-driven and goal oriented

  • Responsible and takes ownership

  • Evaluates and analyzes personal success and growth

Socially Intelligent and Team Player Logo

  • Accepting of others and their ideas

  • Welcomes feedback and constructive criticism

  • Collaborative and open-minded

Community Contributor Logo

  • Participates in community service and civic duties

  • Understanding and empathetic of local and worldwide issues

  • Engages with others of diverse backgrounds