Debbie Davis
Deputy Superintendent

The Simpson County School District works to ensure that the written, taught, and tested curriculum are aligned perfectly for seamless educational experience for our students.

The Mississippi Department of Education state frameworks are used as the basis for classroom instruction, and the Common Core State Standards are being phased in as advised by the Mississippi Department of Education. Instruction is monitored through use of EZ Lesson Planner software, which tracks when and how often objectives are taught.

Students in grades K-10 are assessed several times each year with Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), an adaptive assessment that provides teachers with specific strengths and weaknesses of individual students. This assessment also provides longitudinal data to measure each student’s academic growth.

Pacing guides have been implemented for language arts, reading, math, and science courses in grades K-12, and are being developed for other courses offered in the district. Classworks instructional software is being used in K-12 language arts and math; this software is aligned to state frameworks, and activities are prescribed for students based on state test results.